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Commercial Real Estate Loans, Commercial Mortgage

Commercial Real Estate Loans, Commercial Mortgage
Category: Financial
Description: There are over 400,000 residential loan officers and brokers considering entering the commercial side of the business.  All of these individuals and companies need the basics in order to compete –  training, fee agreements, spreadsheets, etc. We sell all of it in our commercial mortgage broker store.  Get in on the action the easy way!

Become one of our affiliates and get paid handsomely, for simply placing a link on your site.  Every time a cusiimer clicks through the link, and buys one of our products – you get paid a 20% commission.  Thats it, thats all you have to do.  The software coordinates the entire transaction and you receive an email documenting the transaction.  The tracking system is excellent and keep in mind (if you’re cynical like me or most people that first get involved in affiliate marketing), that you can always test the system yourself.  Just have one of your friends click through your link and buy of the files.  You get an email instantly documenting the sale.

Take advantage of your existing traffic.  If your site is like most, you only convert 3% or so of all your visitors.  Wouldn’t you like to make some money off the 97% of people that are now simply leaving?

One of our affiliates had a 19% conversion rate in September, 2008.  And keep in mind there are NEVER any fees, such as sign up and or service fees, etc.  Ever!

No matter what your level of experience with affiliate marketing we want to work with you!  Affiliate marketing is now a multi billion industry, companies like Dell, Amazon, Citi, etc all participate.
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Earnings: 25% per sale
Tiers: 2
Method of Payment: Paypal or Check
Pay Date: Monthly
Minimum Payout: No minimum
Datafeed: No
Bonuses: No
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