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We give you a great way to monetize your web site with affiliate marketing! is a specially made 2-tier affiliate programs directory, where you can find affiliate programs, that you can earn money online. Find and compare the listed partner programs here, brought to you in many categories and meeting your needs.

Below are categories, in which we have selected the best and most profitable high payout highest paying two-tier affiliate programs on the Internet nowadays.

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In fact, affiliate marketing programs for beginners which are also called associated programs and publisher programs are very easy to use. Your aim is to receive money for selling other people’s products. Actually, you are like a salesman. You only have to choose the affiliate program site of a given company like Best Buy or Circuit City and to sign up with it, all totally free. Then, you will receive an account and an affiliate link with your account ID, or a banner or another type of advertisement. All you have to do is to place the affiliate program advertising on your internet site and make the visitors go to the partner site through it. When someone clicks on the ad, the visit or sale they pay for is being tracked with your ID. In case this person purchases the advertised product, you receive a percentage of the price of this product. Some of the companies (affiliate programs to make money) pay a commission of 20%, so if the visitor pays $1000 for the purchase, you will receive $200. The type of programs that pay you for each sale are commonly known as pay per sale affiliate programs.

However, there are other types of top affiliate programs and they don’t pay per sale. Among the other types of affiliate programs are pay per lead, residual income (also referred to as recurring commission, lifetime commission, recurring income and lifetime income), cap networks, affiliate networks, popups, popunders, two tier programs, contextual ads and ad networks. They may pay different commission but you will still get paid. The amount of money you receive is influenced by the efforts you make to work with the program.

Usually, the major companies, including Yahoo!, eBay, Amazaon, BestBuy, Wall-Mart, GameStop, Macy’s Circuit City, Sears and others have various payment rates. It is recommended to do a research before you choose an affiliate link to put on your internet site. Most webmasters choose the best online affiliate programs by: commission, product /service conversion and marketing material that the top affiliate marketing programs have.

In order to achieve success and earn money online from one or two affiliate programs, you need to choose a product (or service) that would be interesting for your customers. Thus, in case you have a health related site, you shouldn’t put ads of 500 Pet Gifts or Home Furniture, because they have nothing to do with your website and it is less likely to earn money this way. Your chances to get paid are much bigger if you place a link to health, vitamin, herbal affiliate programs or other medicine sites and companies, because such a link won’t be out of place on your site.

Another important thing is to not add too many ads on your affiliate site, because this may only draw customers far away and “the affiliate sale” won’t happen at all. Then you will lose traffic and won’t earn anything. Keep this in mind while affiliating.

A good way to make money from affiliate programs is to develop a review of a given product or service, from a cell phone, to furniture. After you have the review, you should put a link to the internet affiliate program site that this product is being sold. This can bring you a great success, especially if your review is very good and manages to make visitor purchase the reviewed product. Getting the positive attitude from there.

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Many new users of affiliate programs don’t know to find such programs that pay large amount of money and that are appropriate for their internet site. This also can be achieved in a few ways. The first thing you can do is visit the web sites of companies selling products that are appropriate for your site and see if they offer a webmaster affiliate program. Then check how much they pay per sale. Another way, which is also quicker, is to find affiliate programs by visiting special affiliate program directories like and browse the categories till you find the one that will suite you best to your site or blog. These directories (full with high paying affiliate programs, mostly) provide useful links of hundreds and even thousands affiliate programs. The links are typically divided into various categories, which is an easy way to navigate. This way is very effective, easy and quick. It gives you the opportunity to find the most appropriate and best converting affiliate programs for your internet site or blog.

If you want to make money from your web site with no time, webmasters affiliate programs are just perfect solution for this case. Take some time to find out such super affiliate programs and to see how they work. It is really worth it. Million of people around the globe already doing it. Comments Off on Do you want to make money online with your site?