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Signup Systems Event Management Software

Signup Systems Event Management Software 
Category: E-Commerce

Our Affiliate Program allows you to refer people to Signup Systems using web links sent by email or displayed on your website, or by word-of-mouth and direct introductions. We pay you a commission for each individual or company you refer who becomes a customer and purchases a lease. We also pay commissions two levels deep so you can earn a commission by directly referring a customer and/or by referring an Affiliate who then refers a customer.

For web-based referrals you must use the proper linking technology, and for word-of-mouth referrals the person or company referred must mention you specifically to ensure the proper tracking takes place.

How many levels of commission does Signup Systems pay out on?

We presently offer two tiers of commission payments. The First Tier Affiliate is directly responsible for referring a customer to Signup Systems. The Second Tier Affiliate was responsible for referring the First Tier Affiliate. For instance, if “John” has many connections to suppliers of goods and services for event management companies but knows fewer event managers directly, he can still earn a considerable passive income by referring those suppliers to join our Affiliate Program. If any of the people John refers goes on to refer a customer, John would be the second tier affiliate and would earn commission. As an example, if John refers “Ashley” who then refers a company that becomes our customer, Ashley would be the First Tier Affiliate, and John would be the second tier. Both John and Ashley would earn commissions.

We pay commissions out which are greater than $100. This potential delay in payment only relates to Monthly Usage Fees since commissions on the Initial Lease Fees will always be greater than $100. When the accrual of commissions on Monthly Usage Fees exceeds $100 during any payment period, we will notify you and mail a check.

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Earnings: 20% per sale
Tiers: 2
Method of Payment: Paypal or Check
Pay Date: Monthly
Minimum Payout: $100
Datafeed: No
Bonuses: No
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