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RV Rental Starter Kit

RV Rental Starter Kit 
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You’ll receive $30 for every referral that purchases an RV Rental Starter Kit and keeps it beyond the 30 Day Trial.

Like most people, we started our RV Rental business simply because our RV was sitting in storage more than it was being used. A friend suggested we place our RV on Craigslist and make it available for rent, and the phone immediately started ringing off the hook! However, we didn’t know the first thing about HOW-TO Rent out our RV, and there were no documents or books available to guide us. So, we jumped into the business mindfully documenting our successes and mistakes, while finding ways to simplify the rental process. In the end, we developed a complete Do-it Yourself RV Rental Kit and RV Rental Software package, called the InstantRvRentalStarerKit.

With the RV Rental StarterKit, you can learn from the experience of a company that places a high priority on making sure that you and your vehicle are protected while out on a rental.

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Earnings: $30 per sale
Tiers: 2
Method of Payment: Paypal
Pay Date: Every 35 Days
Minimum Payout: $30
Datafeed: No
Bonuses: No
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